Verizon Brings FiOS TV to SMBs

Verizon wants to help small businesses bring television to their customers, so they're offering FiOS TV (where available) to midmarket companies.

In a new effort to provide value for small to medium-size businesses, on a budget, Verizon Communications, Inc. announced midmarket companies can get FiOS TV for Business for as little as $12.99 per month, or as part of a bundle that includes high-speed FiOS Internet and voice services for as low as $99.99 per month.

Each offer has a one-year agreement. The television package includes local network affiliate broadcasters, PBS, and public education and government (PEG) programming. In addition, both local affiliate and PBS stations are broadcast in standard and high definition. The new package is available in the 14 states where FiOS TV for Business is currently offered, including parts of California, Florida, New York, Maryland and Rhode Island.

"Businesses use TV as a tool to draw in customers and keep employees informed," said Verizon's vice president for small business products and services Monte Beck. "Our new FiOS TV for Business local programming package offers small businesses a great way to receive the benefits of FiOS TV along with super-fast Verizon FiOS Internet and crystal-clear voice service -- all at an affordable price."
The company, which serves more than 80 million customers nationwide, also offers businesses a FiOS TV Enhanced package that begins at $49.99 per month and includes 142 channels, and a FiOS TV Premier package featuring more than 200 channels, with 50 in high definition, starting at $79.99 per month. On Verizon's small business Web site, the company lists law offices and financial service offices as ideal settings for FiOS TV.
The site also lists a series of disclaimers, including the requirement of a one-year minimum term commitment. Additionally, a $175 early termination fee applies and set-top box and other charges, taxes and terms apply. Verizon also specifies that FiOS TV for Business is available only to businesses with 50 or fewer employees or no more than 25 phone lines and five Verizon set-top boxes in service.
'Family' Business
The FiOS offering comes a week after Verizon announced a "Friends & Family" promotion for small businesses. Friends & Family for Business lets companies create a calling group consisting of up to 10 numbers employees call most. The minutes used when placing or receiving calls from anyone in the calling group are considered mobile to mobile calls and do not count against the business' plan minutes.
In addition, businesses can include the landline or wireless numbers of colleagues, clients and vendors and can add or remove any of the numbers as frequently as needed. Nationwide for Business Single-Line plans with the Friends & Family feature are available starting at $59.99 monthly access for 900 Anytime Minutes, and Nationwide for Business Single-Line with Share option plans start at $44.99 monthly access with 450 Anytime Minutes.
"Business customers can help their bottom line with Friends & Family for Business," said Verizon Wireless' vice president of marketing Rob Miller. "The feature gives businesses the flexibility to create their own calling plan. If a project is complete and there is no longer a need to call a certain vendor, they can simply remove that vendor's name from the Friends & Family group and add a new contact - even if the number is to a landline or a person using another wireless carrier."