Verizon Wireless Adds Mobile Recovery Application

The Web- and phone-based application helps customers locate and secure misplaced devices.

Telecommunications company Verizon Wireless has developed an application designed to help users who have misplaced a mobile device find it again. Verizon's Mobile Recovery a Web- and phone-based application, which is offered at no additional charge as part of the company's Total Equipment Coverage program on compatible devices, also enables customers to remotely lock the device, sound an alarm and wipe contacts from the phone. If the phone is not recovered, Total Equipment Coverage provides next-day replacement.

Mobile Recovery provides Verizon customers with other security features, including Sound Alarm, which allows customers trying to find a lost phone to trigger an alarm, even if the phone is on silent or vibrate mode. If the phone is outside audible range, as long as the phone is powered on and within Verizon Wireless' coverage area, the "Locate Phone" feature uses GPS to provide the location of the missing phone, complete with a map and address, and the option to get turn-by-turn directions.

The application also includes a secure phone feature--once customers have determined their phone is lost, they can use the Device Remote Lock feature to prevent unauthorized use, or the Device Remote Wipe feature to remotely erase contacts from the device. If customers are unable to recover their phones with Mobile Recovery, they can file a claim online and get next-day delivery of a replacement device.

Customers can use Backup Assistant, a free wireless application from Verizon Wireless available on many of the company's devices, to save a copy of the phone's address book to a secure Website, allowing customers to restore their saved address books to new phones wirelessly. The feature also allows users to schedule daily backups, save information manually or automatically, log in to the Web account and get full access to the address book, as well as view, print, add, delete and edit contacts. Changes are then sent to the phone with one click.

"Mobile Recovery is further evidence of Verizon Wireless' commitment to providing customers with the latest solutions for staying connected, protected and informed," said John Mara, executive director of marketing for Verizon Wireless. "Mobile Recovery helps customers keep their private information secure, preserving what matters most to Verizon Wireless: customers' privacy and their phones."

Mobile Recovery is available to customers with compatible devices at no additional charge as part of Total Equipment Coverage. A list of compatible phones can be found on the Mobile Recovery Web site, including several models of the Google Android powered Droid smartphone by Motorola and select models from Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry devices. To download Mobile Recovery, customers can text "GETMR" to 6967, which will prompt them to download the application and complete the simple account setup. Data usage charges may apply for download and use of this application. The company noted lock functionality does not apply to data on removable memory.