Vertical Releases MBX IP Converged Telephony Platform

Vertical's converged IP telephony system offers features such as automatic call distribution and mobile extension.

Vertical Communications announced the release of MBX IP, a converged IP-telephony system designed for small to medium-size businesses.

The offering completes Vertical's telephony lineup, which includes SBX IP and Wave IP, and provides a pathway for existing MP-5000, FX-II and XTS IP systems, supporting traditional endpoints, IP endpoints and VOIP (voice over IP) SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking all with a single system.

The MBX IP system is targeted for businesses that have 50 to 250 users and up to 72 multiple sites. Features include integrated voice mail/auto attendant for professional greetings and Unified Messaging, which allows businesses to receive voice mail as a .wav file attachment via e-mail.

"This is an exciting time for Vertical and our partners. We are very excited to introduce MBX IP, which we believe offers a highly competitive combination of telephony and IP-networking features for small and medium business customers, optimized for ease of use and ease of deployment," said Peter Bailey, president and chief operating officer for Vertical. "As the big brother to SBX IP, this new product offering complements our existing small-business IP key system family with a system that scales to 250 users with added feature functionality.

The platform also includes automatic call distribution, such as supervisor/sub-supervisor, recorded announcements, and overflow handling, CTI integration with Microsoft Outlook with the ezPhone application, VOIP (SIP) trunking and multiparty conferencing for up to nine conference rooms and 13 conference members. In addition, call-routing capability enables live answer, auto attendant, or backup auto attendant coverage patterns as well as DID, ANI or CallerID routing.

The system's mobile extension allows incoming calls (on T1/PRI [Primary Rate Interface] or SIP trunks) to ring a user's cell phone when out of the office, and the platform also offers call screening, one-touch call recording, roaming mobility with either DECT cordless or Nomad IP wireless telephone offerings, Detailed SMDR (Station Message Detail Reporting), which integrates with call accounting and other management applications, and one-touch feature button access.

"This completes our product portfolio of IP-telephony solutions for business: SBX IP and MBX IP providing cost-competitive and migration-friendly IP-telephony solutions for small and medium customers, and Wave IP providing high-value application and Unified Communications solutions for medium and large enterprise customers," Bailey said. "With this very strong product portfolio, and our world-class telephony reseller channel and large installed base, we feel we have all the ingredients to drive substantial market share and revenue growth in 2011 and beyond."