Virtru Launches Encrypted Search for Cloud-Based Email

Virtru integrates strong encryption directly into the most popular everyday apps, including Google Apps, Gmail and Outlook, to better secure data.

virtru and encryption

Encryption specialist for email and files Virtru announced the ability to search full body encrypted text without sacrificing data security or privacy.

This means users of its security platform can search for content contained in the encrypted body of an email message or file, not just metadata found in the subject line, and do so while preserving privacy.

Virtru’s split-knowledge search architecture separates content and search indices from encryption keys, so no third-party has access to unencrypted content or search terms at any time, according to the company.

Virtru’s platform is designed primarily for business that use Google Apps, with full Microsoft 360 support coming soon, and want to take advantage of the ease and cost benefits of cloud-based email systems while preserving data security and user privacy, the company noted.

Virtru integrates strong encryption directly into the apps people use every day, including Google Apps, Gmail, and Outlook, making it possible to protect information without exhausting significant financial or technical resources.

"Administrators in highly regulated industries like health care, financial services and manufacturing will find the encrypted search feature especially useful," Will Ackerly, chief technology officer and co-founder of Virtu, told eWEEK. "They can configure rules that detect sensitive data in emails and files and alert users to encrypt—or turn on the Virtru switch—allowing them to better control data security across the organization."

He noted full-text encrypted search has long been a struggle for organizations because of its technical complexities.

"Administrators want and need full-text encrypted search in order to meet e-discovery requirements, but have been reluctant to adopt strong encryption across the enterprise because they could not easily search for content in the body of an encrypted email or file," he said. "Other search solutions available on the market require decryption to take place on service providers’ servers, exposing data to undue risk."

With encrypted search enabled, Virtru senders can search their inboxes and cloud storage services with no restrictions or limitations, and administrators can enable end users to encrypt or implement DLP-triggered encryption without losing the ability for e-discovery, according to the company.

Controls can be set to examine subject lines, email and file content, attachments and other criteria to detect and call out sensitive information, including credit cards and social security numbers, and other keywords flagged by administrators.

"At Virtru, we believe encryption should be effortless, automatic and built in to the systems we use every day," Ackerly said. "Encrypted Search is just another example of how we're helping take the complexities out of encryption so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of the cloud, without sacrificing data security or privacy. If solutions are easy-to-use, then they are easy to adopt."