Virtual Bridges Debuts Verde 5 Platform

The desktop management and provisioning platform leverages virtualization to deliver desktops in the cloud.

Virtual Bridges announced Verde 5, a "VDI Gen2" platform that connects to offline, branch and server-hosted users, all from the same management interface. With Verde 5, VDI moves beyond the data center and LAN-bound scenarios to deliver a virtual desktop user experience with secure coverage for mobile and BYOPC (bring your own PC) use cases.
Verde 5's VDI Gen2 capabilities include unified monitoring and management of desktops across online, offline and branch environments; high-definition multimedia support; automatic bidirectional sync for true mobility; and advanced cloud branch capabilities including disaster recovery and business continuity.
"Concerns over upfront capital expenses and product maturity had delayed broader virtual desktop adoption," said Chris Wolf, research vice president at IT analytics firm Gartner. "However, we are now seeing many customers move forward with large-scale desktop virtualization initiatives by using competitively priced solutions that offer the robust user experience required by users along with the comprehensive management expected by IT. Clients often choose to move to virtual desktops for three key reasons: better security, business continuity and operational efficiency."
Key features include

  • an Integrated Management Console that combines online, offline and branch VDI; facilitates granular role- and task-based provisioning; and provides centralized visibility and reporting,

  • support for SPICE high-definition multimedia protocol and SmartCast, which provisions the appropriate protocol based on the user connection and type of desktop for a rich PC experience, and

  • fully integrated Live Environment Access Format (LEAF) offering automatic bidirectional sync for mobile workers through connected (access to remote virtual desktop sessions) and disconnected (virtual desktop session is locally cached and executed on the client machine) access.

Also included is Zero-Admin Cloud Branch, which delivers LAN-like VDI performance for branch users to ensure disaster recovery and business; seamless support for USB peripherals, resulting in support for USB 2.0 peripherals including scanners, printers and cameras across online, offline and branch VDI scenarios; and lightweight app layering that streamlines the deployment of applications inside Verde Gold Master Images.
"For too long, vendors have tried retrofitting server virtualization products for the desktop environment, and as a result they've given VDI a bad name," said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Virtual Bridges. "With this latest release, we're saying, 'Enough is enough.' VDI Gen2 is all about delivering purpose-built solutions for ultimate IT efficiency and user flexibility-and with Verde 5 we've shown we can achieve that goal, and more."
This latest release of Verde enhances existing core capabilities that include a single Gold Master provisioning model, Distributed Connection brokering architecture, flexibility to run Windows and Linux desktops, branch-level VDI at LAN speeds, the ability to span both on-premises and hosted deployment modes, and desktop portability on a USB stick.
"We sought a VDI solution that would dramatically reduce the overall IT costs per agent. We have successfully performed the preliminary validation of Verde 5 with the Call Center software stacks from Avaya and Cisco and plan live deployments over the next couple of months," said K. N. Murali, vice president of Servion Global Solutions India division. "The bidirectional audio capabilities of the SPICE protocol combined with the simplicity and low costs of the Verde 5 solution addresses the critical issues that have long hampered successful VDI deployments in the call center/BPO market."