VMTurbo Unveils Free Performance and Efficiency Reporter

VMTurbo helps assure the performance of the applications running in the virtualized environment.

Virtualized data center management software developer VMTurbo announced the release of the Performance and Efficiency Reporter, which joins the company's monitoring software offering as a complimentary productivity tool that provides insight into the virtual environment. With its real-time workload management algorithm, VMTurbo helps assure the performance of the applications running in the virtualized environment while utilizing the underline infrastructure as efficiently as possible. The performance and efficiency reporter is currently available for free download.

The software package is a collection of reports that fall into two categories: performance reports and efficiency reports. The form includes the Host/VM Utilization Heat Map, which contains an ordered ranking of utilization (UI) for both physical hosts as well as virtual machines. Raw data for each host and each VM also is provided, with metrics including the peak utilization. The data also enables both an "at-a-glance" indicator of workload as well as useful information for provisioning.

Another feature in the performance reports is Host Top CPU Ready Queue, which provides a detailed breakdown of the metric surrounding CPU ready states. By showing both the host total wait times (aggregated over a sample period) and the total times waited by virtual machines for each multiple of vCPUs, the report provides insights into how either a reallocation of vCPUs or the relocation of a VM would impact this raw performance metric.

Lastly, the Storage Access IOPS report delivers a raw ranked standing of data stores in the environment. By aggregating and displaying the raw average sustained IOPs to and from these datastores, users can evaluate the suitability of the datastore against the applied workload and potentially make a better allocation. Further, by looking at the total storage used (versus capacity), users are better able to plan for anticipated growth, the company said.

In the efficiency reports, VM Over/Under Provisioning looks at the resources consumed (taking into account historical peaks) to make recommendations as to right-provisioning. This potentially frees up additional resources that could be reallocated to improve performance or accommodate additional VMs.
Storage Wasted Allocations provides visibility into data stored on the managed drives that is not associated with any VM. With this ranked data, users can free up potential amounts of unused storage. The Storage Allocated to Dormant VMs report both identifies dormant VMs and enables the reclamation of their disc space. The company said this can yield cost savings through resource reclamation and the ability to subsequently host additional VMs on the same hardware.

Finally, the VM Rightsizing Recommendation report is based on configurable thresholds as well as analyses of specific time ranges for each VM to make intelligent configuration recommendations based on the actual resource demands of the VM. "The real value of VMTurbo is its ability to automate and optimize the virtual environment in real time, so it makes sense to give away both our monitoring dashboard and performance reports, which are really just table setters for IT management," said Shmuel Kliger, president and CEO at VMTurbo. "Now any organization can experience the benefits of VMTurbo in their own data center without having to spend a single dollar."