VoltDB Adds Geospatial Query Support to Fast Data Platform

The update includes geo-spatial query support for applications reliant on location for social and commercial interactions, like real-time ride sharing.

voltdb and data

VoltDB announced the availability of its newest release, VoltDB v6.0, a combination of an operational database with data ingest/export that now includes geo-spatial support.

Version 6.0 builds on VoltDB’s in-memory massively parallel database architecture that scales transactions and analytics linearly while maintaining data consistency and high availability.

The update includes geospatial query support for applications that rely on location for social and commercial interactions, such as real-time ride-sharing, IoT sensor data management, digital ad delivery, content delivery, geo-fencing applications and social media monitoring.

"Geospatial data and analysis is one of those areas driving user engagement across all industries," Dennis Duckworth, director of product marketing for VoltDB, told eWEEK. "Our technology is pretty cutting edge so our customers tend to be innovators, and in particular are driving fast interaction based on fast data – an event comes in and they need to respond very quickly and accurately. That response gets that much more accurate or that much smarter when geo-spatial data can be incorporated into the decision process."

The latest version also includes improved fast data ingestion and export connections to broaden support for the Hadoop ecosystem. These include enhanced, built-in Kafka importers to simplify and speed application development and improve overall system reliability, and improved Elasticsearch exporters to enable extensive full-text searches on processed data in a VoltDB cluster.

In addition, cross data center active/active replication improves availability and disaster recovery while increasing application performance for geographically-distributed workloads.

"Because we support fully ACID compliant transactions as part of our platform, as opposed to most of the NoSQL platforms, which require the application developer to code in important features like consistent transactions, we are very user-friendly," Duckworth said. "So in many instances the resulting applications built on VoltDB are significantly simpler, easier to test and maintain than alternatives."

Version 6.0 also boasts simpler, faster deployment through improved management and usability with the VoltDB Management Center, including enhancements to cluster administration, workload balancing and monitoring.

"With the continued growth of the Internet of things (IoT), there will be even more data streams for application developers and, thus, applications, to tap into to make their analytics and their actions more accurate and valuable, making those applications more engaging and more useful," Peter Vescuso, chief marketing officer at VoltDB, told eWEEK. "The demand for data and for analytics will continue growing dramatically. People no longer just want raw data--they want to find out something new, something interesting, something valuable about the data."