Vonage Offers Unlimited International Calling for Mobile Users

Voice and messaging services provider Vonage spreads the holiday cheer with unlimited mobile international calls to more than 60 countries for one flat monthly rate.

Just in time for the holidays, Vonage announced an enhancement to the Vonage Mobile application to include the Vonage World calling plan. Vonage World Mobile provides customers with unlimited mobile international calls to more than 60 countries for one flat monthly rate when calling from their mobile device. Now, users of the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry smartphones and iPod touch can subscribe to the service and get access to unlimited international calling in those 60-plus countries and the United States, while current Vonage world landline customers will receive a discount, the company said.

World Mobile is available for $24.99 a month and places mobile international phone calls while on Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The company claims its technology serves approximately 2.45 million subscribers. The Vonage World plan also includes features like call waiting, call forwarding and voicemail. The service is sold on the web and through regional and national retailers, such as Wal-Mart, BestBuy and others. The Vonage application for the iPhone and iPod touch is currently available via the Apple App Store.

"Vonage World Mobile is a natural extension of the popular Vonage World home-based calling plan," said Vonage CEO Marc Lefar. "This is another example of how we will continue to create opportunities to extend our home-based services and exceptional value onto mobile. As mobile devices (phones, PCs, netbooks) become more powerful, broadband networks become more available and 3G/4G data networks become more open, we envision a future where Vonage delivers calls, readable voicemail, texts, MMS and video calls from any device, using any broadband connection."

The company launched the Vonage Mobile application in October, providing calling services while on Wi-Fi or cellular networks. Features include real-time balance updates and the ability to automatically replenish funds in the account. As part of the promotional push behind the mobile expansion, Vonage also announced a Refer-a-Friend contest to spur registrations. The grand prize winner receives a $1,000 Target Gift Card for signing up the most friends to Vonage; the competition runs until January 31st. The Refer-a-Friend program allows customers to receive one month of free service for each new customer they refer, and the person who they refer to Vonage also receives a free month of service when they sign up.