Vorex Launches HCM ERP Human Resources Suite

Vorex combines a Web-based suite of solutions aimed at streamlining the HR operations of budget-conscious businesses.

Vorex, a developer of on-demand and licensed enterprise resource planning and automated business workflow solutions, announced Nov. 30 the launch of its HCM ERP project management, comprehensive human resources, expense tracking and billing tools in an integrated Web-based suite, aimed at small and midsize businesses.

The solution, backed by Vorex's live support based in Dallas, includes hardware and software upgrades and maintenance and is available for a free trial via the company's Website.

HCM ERP provides integrated HR and project management functions, including an employee database, benefits management, open enrollment, organizational charts, and assignment and task tracking functions. Additional features include a self-service portal that allows employees and HR administrators to manage benefits and open enrollment as well as update information on demand; time and attendance tracking that helps enable employers better manage absenteeism and also record employee time spent on specific projects for direct billing to clients; and an employee skills database that allows project managers to identify and assign team members to clients or projects based on documented skill sets.

Vorex CEO Mike Salem said most SMBs have one application to manage their human resources functions, another application to manage time and expense tracking, another for project management, and the list goes on. "This is incredibly inefficient and often requires the same data to be entered multiple times into different programs," he said. "HCM ERP solves that problem by combining all of these business functions into a complete A-to-Z solution that is incredibly easy for smaller businesses to use and accessible from anywhere, even for employees on the road or working remotely."

Along with human resources and project management, HCM ERP integrates expense management and invoicing/billing functions as part of its client management system. Through HCM ERP, individual consultants and project team members can record project-related expenses in one step, even while on the road, through HCM ERP's secure Web portal. Early next year, Vorex plans to release an additional module that will help businesses manage on-boarding and off-boarding functions, performance evaluations, and goal setting.

Built on Microsoft .NET technology and SQL databases, HCM ERP is available in three deployment options: on-premises installation with on-premises data storage to allow companies to host the core database on their own servers; full license with co-location, which allows companies to host their data on Vorex's highly secure and redundant servers; and subscription-based SAAS (software-as-a-service) delivery, which the company said is ideal for smaller businesses to host their data with Vorex.

"By integrating HR and project management functions, HCM ERP allows client services managers to see, at a glance, which team members have both the appropriate skills and the time available to take on new projects," Salem said. "This way, when a client calls with a new project, a decision can be made immediately on whether or not you can take on the project-there's no more calling around to see who is available and possibly risking the business by delaying a response to the client."