Webroot Rolls Out Channel Edge Reseller Program

The toolkit includes Web content syndication delivering product content, trial software downloads and whitepapers directly from a partner’s Website.

webroot and partner programs

Internet threat detection specialist Webroot launched a partner program called Channel Edge provide market-specific tools and resources for its global network of value added resellers (VARs), distributors, service providers and systems integrators.

The Channel Edge Partner toolkit includes Web content syndication, which delivers product content, trial software downloads and whitepapers directly from a partner’s Website.

"We didn’t want to create just any other partner program," Darren Niller, senior director of worldwide alliance and channel marketing at Webroot, told eWEEK. "We wanted it to be unique by delivering an innovative set of sales and marketing tools designed to help partners rapidly grow their business with Webroot support at every stage of the sales cycle, from customer education and prospecting, to successful deal closure."

Another element of the toolkit is a resource center offering a range of sales and marketing materials, which include co-branded email campaigns and marketing collateral, competitive battle cards, on-demand training, social media tools and technical deployment information.

These resources are delivered to partner sales and marketing teams through a desktop shortcut, which allows them to access the information without having to log in each time.

Prospects can also educate themselves on Webroot solutions and initiate a trial that links back to the partner.

In addition, all of the information is updated automatically by Webroot, so partners and their prospects always have the most current materials.

Rounding out the package is social syndication, a module that helps partners to become a security thought leader and influential voice in promoting security solutions and services to their customers.

Through this syndication module, partners can push fresh content and communicate with potential buyers through multiple social media sites.

A mobile version of the toolkit is in development and Webroot expects that to be rolled out next quarter, Niller said.

"Partners help drove our triple-digit, year-over-year growth in the SMB segment and have been instrumental in helping us expand into emerging markets across the globe," he said. "Today, we have about 1,600 partners worldwide, with 1,200 added in last 18 months across MSPs, resellers and distributors."

He also noted partners committed to working with Webroot and meeting a minimum quarterly revenue attainment are enrolled as Elite Resellers and receive added benefits such as qualified sales leads, speaking engagements and joint seminars, market expansion programs, sales incentives, and a dedicated channel account manager.

"The most important tool for a reseller is easy access to content, enabling them to sell effectively, increase revenue and growing their customer base," he said. "The Toolkit is meant to be easy to access and easy for our partners to use. It’s truly a set-it and forget-it portal where our partners have the ability to select syndicated Web content and current marketing materials, which are automatically co-branded."