Websense Triton APX 8.0 Features Mobile DLP

Through integrated Web, email and data solutions, Websense provides deep analysis across the advanced threat kill chain to detect and stop threats.

websense and mobile security

Data protection and security specialist Websense announced the availability of Triton APX 8.0, a modular platform to provide advanced threat and data theft prevention and provides actionable intelligence and enables real-time feedback to educate and motivate end-users to avoid risky behavior.

With five data-aware defenses to prevent data theft, the platform enables security professionals to reduce remediation as it surfaces attacks and prevents advanced attacks.

"Today's threat landscape is dynamic and dangerous. Threat analysis allows you to understand risk and mitigate the symptoms of today's attacks," Carl Leonard, Websense principal security analyst, told eWEEK. "If you don't attempt to control the risk, damage will occur to your customer base, bottom line, reputation, and your ability to perform your core business."

Leonard said Websense identified 4.1 billion security threats in 2013, and noted that business must be able to monitor, report and protect themselves from the plethora of threats that exist in the connected world.

Through integrated Web, email and data solutions, Websense provides deep analysis to detect and stop advanced persistent threats (APTs) and advanced malware that are designed to evade point solutions.

A dashboard provides intelligent prioritization of incidents, while pre-defined policies look for sensitive content coupled with behavior suggestive of high-risk employee activity.

In addition, real-time feedback options help educate and motivate end-users to identify and avoid risky behavior, and built-in reports proactively identify ‘high-risk users’ based on their experience in engaging with phishing emails.

"Security is no longer seen as an obstacle to performing good business," Leonard said. "Good security enables businesses to operate in today's challenging environment. However, security solutions have to be useful, easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to understand."

Other features include enforced IP protection policies on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. This means that confidential documents, designs, customer records and products formulas can all be protected from data loss or data theft when employees are working outside the corporate network.

Mobile data loss prevention (DLP) monitors and blocks sensitive data stored in messages being downloaded onto mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile OS, and optical character recognition allows embedded text to be identified within screenshots, photographs and image-based documents.

So-called drip DLP shows how the cumulative analysis of content over time is used to identify “low and slow” data theft where a small but consistent flow of sensitive data is leaked over an extended period of time, such as sending 20 credit cards during an hour, one by one, in order to avoid detection.

"Businesses are currently facing many external pressures - pressures relating to budget, a global skills shortage in the IT security arena and an ever-changing threat landscape," Leonard said. "Triton APX 8.0 uniquely provides businesses with an opportunity to take on those challenges, mitigate them and take a leap ahead to set themselves up for the future."