Wedge Networks Adds NDP-1038 BeSecure Appliance

Wedge offers cost-conscious businesses the NDP-1038 appliance designed to address the growing malware threat facing businesses.

Network-based Web security solutions firm Wedge Networks announced an addition to its Wedge BeSecure appliance lineup, the NDP-1038, designed to address three major market trends: an increase in malware/blended threats, escalating bandwidth requirements of organizations and the need for optimal network security at affordable price points.

Wedge Networks President and CEO Hongwen Zhang said security providers must no longer focus on where the network capacity is today, but where it will be in terms of potential enterprise growth and scalability in the future.

"By leveraging our Network Data Processing technology for real-time deep content inspection, the NDP-1038 is the best-in-class for providing the performance capacities required to ensure networks are fully protected from malicious attacks," he said. "Furthermore, this new appliance offers consolidated services, network integration options, expanded storage and processing power for networks with thousands concurrent users."

The NDP-1038 is designed to be user-friendly with its Web-based point and click interface and is intended to adapt to the constant transformations in Web security infrastructure, according to Zhang.

The product is also built on Wedge's security features-including out-of-band management, industry-standard SNMP monitoring and e-mail based alerts-helping ensuring bottlenecks no longer occur in the daily business of midmarket companies. "We are committed to continually innovating and introducing top-of-the-line products, like the NDP-1038, that set performance benchmarks," Zhang said.

The company said the NDP-1038 is designed at accommodate the resources needed to combat the increase in malware attacks against the IT infrastructure in enterprises and data centers with larger RAM capacity and multicore central processing units; provide gigabit-rated fiber and copper ports to help consolidate gateways and reduce overall costs through enterprises and international data corporations; and present a larger event logging capacity than similar products, with 500GB worth of log data, to generate comprehensive regulatory reports at the lowest price-to-function cost.

With budget cuts hampering small-business IT departments and malware increasing 295 percent over the past 12 months, Wedge argues small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are seeking cost-effective IT security solutions. Zhang said one distinctive trend is to implement security at larger aggregation points on the network where enterprises are protecting a growing number of endpoints against Web attacks using network-based security solutions.

Another manifestation of the trend, he pointed out, is the fact that network-based security solutions are planned for even more complex aggregation points, typically at network trunks where traffic volumes are multiplied.