Winchester Systems Introduces FlashDisk RAID Disk Arrays With 3TB Disks

The disk arrays offer virtualized tiered data storage supporting both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch disk drives.

Data storage solutions provider Winchester Systems announced the release of FlashDisk VX Series RAID disk arrays, which now offer 3TB disk drives. The FlashDisk VX-3400 RAID disk array now stores 336TB in a single RAID set-and it fits 772TB into a single 84U data center rack. The disk arrays offer virtualized tiered data storage supporting both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch disk drives with 15K-, 10K- and 7.2K-rpm rotational speeds as well as solid-state disks.

Storage services including snapshots, mirroring and volume copy plus centralized Web-based GUI are all included, and the company noted replication and thin provisioning services are optional. The FlashDisk VX Series is available in four models: the VX-3400 Series with 3U shelves and 3.5-inch disks; the VX-2500 Series with 2U shelves, 2.5-inch disks and 3.5-inch disk expansion; the VX-2300 Series with 2U shelves and 3.5-inch disks; and the VX-1300 Series with 1U shelves, 2.5-inch disks and 3.5-inch disk expansion capacity.

The disk arrays are configured to meet the demands of small to medium-size business (SMB) data centers and departmental requirements. With 3TB disks, the FlashDisk VX-3400 Series disk arrays are designed for "big data" applications including cloud storage, disaster recovery sites, local disk-to-disk backup, security and surveillance video, PACS medical imaging and archiving, image libraries, media distribution, broadcast, tape and robotics replacement as well as military reconnaissance imaging.

The FlashDisk VX Series disk arrays are available bundled with CA ARCserve Replication. CA ARCserve Replication protects availability of systems, applications and data. The host-based software offers local replication for business continuity and remote replication for disaster recovery, as well as continuous data protection for recovery from accidental deletions, data corruption or viruses.

Prices for FlashDisk VX-3400 RAID disk arrays with 3TB disks including all data services and CA ARCserve Replication start at under $18,000. The products are available now, with delivery taking two to three weeks.

"FlashDisk has always provided the 'best overall value' by delivering the price, performance and reliability combination that meets IT managers' real needs," said Joel Leider, Winchester's CEO. "Now with 336TB in a single unit, the cost per terabyte is exceptionally attractive and will make more new projects economically feasible-especially disaster recovery sites with CA ARCserve Replication included."