WinMagic Launches eStore for SecureDoc Encryption

Cost-conscious businesses can now purchase WinMagic's SecureDoc encryption solution via the company's eStore, where users can download a stand-alone product for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X for $99, a 10-pack for $945 or a 25-pack for $2,320.

WinMagic, a provider of full-disk encryption, launched an eStore that makes it easier for individuals and small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) to purchase SecureDoc full-disk encryption to protect data on Windows and Mac desktops, laptops, tablets and removable media.

Customers can purchase and download a stand-alone product for Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X for $99, a 10-pack for $945 or a 25-pack for $2,320, as well as a one-, two- or three-year maintenance service pack starting at $19.80 per license, by visiting the eStore.
SecureDoc also supports and manages hardware-encrypted disk drives including self-encrypting drives conforming to the Opal standard put forward by the Trusted Computing Group in January 2009, in addition to Seagate Momentus FDE drives and encrypted thumb drives from vendors like Ironkey, Sandisk, Kingston, MXI and others. The company said this provides the flexibility to deploy any combination of hardware and software-based encryption-or transition between the two-with full transparency for users and a consistent management interface for administrators.
Additionally, SecureDoc now supports Intel Anti-Theft Technology (Intel AT), which is available in select systems with the new 2010 Intel Core processor family. Intel AT acts as a laptop theft deterrence mechanism-enabling organizations to issue a kill command to stolen laptops whether or not they are connected to the Internet. When a protected notebook is reported as lost or stolen, Intel AT can remotely disable the computing platform and perform a data-disable function. SecureDoc adds full-disk encryption and encryption management to Intel AT-helping ensure data cannot be accessed in the time it takes to report the loss and disable the laptop even if the hard drive is removed and installed on another computer.
"We have been experiencing higher than usual demand for our product suite within the SMB market segment and with private individuals who both hold sensitive, confidential or private information," said Joseph Belsanti, vice president of marketing for WinMagic.

"Our customers have spoken to us, and we have listened to them by making it easier than ever to instantly purchase and download SecureDoc," Belsanti continued. "The eStore provides a -one-stop shop' for individuals and SMBs that want a turnkey solution that protects all data on all devices including Mac or Windows clients, USB flash drives, CD/DVDs and SD Cards."