Witkit Collaboration Platform Features Personalized Cryptography

Features include secure and encrypted storage and messenger and video conferencing services.

witkit and collaboration tools

Collaboration solutions specialist Witkit launched a new centralized collaboration platform for businesses.

The customizable, modular platform allows users to create tailored collaborative workspaces, and employs the company’s WitCrypt security technology.

When a business owner or employee sets up a user profile on Witkit, he or she creates or joins Kits, a collection of virtual work groups organized around specific missions or topics.

"While we have some of the world’s largest enterprises using Witkit every day, the majority of our users are with small and medium sized-businesses, in teams of four to 20 people," Sean Merat, Witkit’s CEO, told eWEEK. "Teams can work efficiently with all of their files, communications, and workflow in a secured central location without the need to spread data to various third-party apps."

Within each Kit, members can upload and access shared files, initiate and contribute to group discussions, post and respond to team tasks, and use a single synchronized calendar.

Other features include secure and encrypted storage, messaging and video conferencing servies.

Kits can be private, with membership controlled by the organizer, or public, allowing any Witkit user with relevant interests or expertise to contribute.

"Using WitCrypt, any conversation sent, file uploaded, and data sent to applications are encrypted on your computer before it is sent out to Witkit," Merat said. "When a user requests any of this information, the content is decrypted only on his or her device using a personal WitCrypt key. The WitCrypt technology provides a user-controlled encryption where you, the user, control the WitCrypt keys."

Every Witkit user can take part in multiple Kits at once, and Kits are separate from each other, allowing users to maintain distinct identities within each of their projects.

Updates from all of a user’s Kits are visible to the user in a single newsfeed, accessible through the individual’s account dashboard.

"Today, businesses have too many solutions. One app for storage, another for project management, another for chat and communications, another for event management – and the list keeps growing," Merat explained. "It’s an ongoing battle for management to keep everyone on the same page, and it’s too easy for teams to lose sight of the big picture. Having your sensitive information on several different platforms also causes many security concerns."

Witkit said it will offer 50GB of free data-encrypted storage and free applications to the first 50,000 people who sign up for the platform.

"Moving forward, there is going to be an incredible need for businesses to branch out and be able to collaborate with other businesses, their customers, and individuals outside of their organizations," Merat said. "This hasn’t been possible yet because of security concerns and consequences. The next move for Witkit is to scale up."