Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator, TCX Suite Get Updates

The company's Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA) and TCX Suite solutions for cloud computing get faster and safer.

Cloud client computing specialist Wyse Technology has announced enhancements to its Virtual Desktop Accelerator and TCX Suite virtualization software solutions. The new Wyse VDA accelerates the delivery of graphics-rich content such as Web pages, Flash, media-rich applications and text-based content by up to 300 percent or more, and accelerates even low bandwidth (as low as 1M bps) and low latency (as low as 30m per second) connections, according to the company.
Wyse VDA is a software-only solution for Wyse devices and supported PCs in desktop virtualization and cloud computing environments that accelerates the experience by correcting issues common with long or latent networks. Wyse VDA is a cost-effective alternative to hardware-based network acceleration, delivering the best user experience for the network bandwidth allocated to users, the company claims. Additionally, Wyse VDA neutralizes the effects of network delays (latencies) and errors (packet loss), making it ideal for remote, branch or field-based users.
The Wyse TCX Suite is designed to optimize the user experience on cloud computing and desktop virtualization platforms, delivering multimedia, audio, Flash, USB support and multi-display capabilities. The TCX Suite features Collaborative Processing Architecture (CPA), which takes advantage of the power of the client endpoint, reducing the need for larger servers, and delivers a faster cloud computing or virtual desktop user experience.
"Wyse's plug-and-play support for SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise encrypted USB flash drives can help enterprises and administrators meet the unique USB security, compliance and manageability needs of large organizations in a desktop virtualization scenario," said Yariv Fishman, director of enterprise product marketing for SanDisk. "Together, Wyse and SanDisk can enable professionals to protect information across their organizations using company-issued SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise secure USB flash drives while leveraging public or private cloud-based desktop virtualization environments."
The software is designed to enhance established protocols (instead of replacing them), adds functionality and shifts processing workload to the thin client's processor whenever it's appropriate.

TCX Suite has also been improved through the introduction of new functionality on the USB Virtualizer, which provides enhanced security of enterprise data by supporting redirection of encrypted USB drives. In addition, the benefits of Flash Acceleration technologies have been extended to users of Firefox Internet browsers.
"Without Wyse TCX USB Virtualizer's unique support for encrypted USB drives, customers are either exposed to possible enterprise data loss because of the use of non-encrypted drives or have to limit user productivity by disallowing the use of USB drives," according to Param Desai, director of product management at Wyse Technology. "Similarly, without TCX Flash Acceleration support for both IE and Firefox, end users are limited in their choice of browsers to view their favorite Flash content."