Xerox Expands Suite of Workflow Automation Solutions

The company’s solution for compliance and records management keeps track of critical documentation and will alert employees if data is misplaced.

xerox and workflow

Xerox announced an expansion of its vertical footprint with 15 workflow automation solutions stretching across manufacturing, retail banking and higher education.

The suite of Xerox solutions is designed to transform manual processes in these three industries into automated approaches, according to the company. It also is aimed at helping companies organize information originating from multiple sources, including those both paper and digital in nature.

For example, Xerox’s new higher-education solutions—such as financial aid processing—can help financial aid packages get to prospective students faster.

The company’s solution for compliance and records management keeps track of critical documentation and will alert employees automatically if data is misplaced.

"Automation and optimizing business processes is critical when companies embark on their own digital transformation path," Mike Feldman, president of large enterprise operations at Xerox, told eWEEK. "With the speed of business today, companies can’t afford to waste time and consumers are expecting real-time, fast processing and communication. With these offerings, industries can cut processes that take days into minutes. These solutions improve overall business productivity, reduce errors associated with manual process and help cut costs."

Feldman thinks the biggest challenge businesses face when trying to deploy a workflow automation solution is adoption: Change is daunting to many, and they’re more comfortable sticking with the status quo.

"Therefore, when organizations are looking to implement new solutions like Xerox’s Workflow Automation solutions, it’s important for organizations to look for tools and technology that can be customized to meet every organization’s goals," he said. "It is also very important for the company to bring employees into the deployment process so they learn the solution from the ground up and can be trained to take full advantage of the capabilities. With a focus on employee training, change won’t be as daunting. Digital transformation isn’t going anywhere and starting your organization’s digital transformation process by automating and digitizing paper will set you up for success."

Each workflow solution is configurable with professional services support for design, delivery and implementation. The retail banking, manufacturing and higher-education solutions are available currently in North America and Xerox Europe.

"Information is the lifeblood of every business; it gives companies insight on their processes and customer preferences, and organizations must find ways to organize and analyze data to make better business decisions," Feldman said. "By digitizing processes and paper documents, companies take the first step to manage and store information in a digital form for employees to access no matter their location. Once documents are digitized and captured, companies can save them in a central service so employees can access and analyze the business-critical data to find patterns and improve processes."