Yahoo? MS? It's All Free, So Try Them All

The impetus behind Microsoft's and Yahoo's fervent courting of the SMB market with freebies is simple: There is a huge, untapped number of small businesses, the majority of which aren't online.

Between Microsoft's new freebie, Office Live Small Business tools, and Yahoo's recently announced all-you-can-eat free Web site hosting buffet, you're a fool if you reach for your wallet when it comes to getting online.

In fact, one analyst said, you're crazy if you own a small business and are actually paying for software to get online or to run your operations.

"It is unbelievable what is out there, free, on the Web," said Laurie McCabe, an analyst for AMI. "For project management, for CRM. Do a Google search for whatever you want, plus free, plus online service, and you'll probably find a free online service."

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