Zoeticx Taps Crowd Funding to Launch TruRecord

The company's TruRecord client interfaces are supported on mobile and Web interfaces, providing personalized medication prescriptions for patients.

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Medical software developer Zoeticx announced a crowd funding campaign for TruRecord, a subscriber-based medical prescribing software that leverages DNA testing technology for drug analysis and prevention of adverse drug reactions.

The company is raising funds on medical crowd funding site Medstartr, looking toward a fall launch of TruRecord.

The solution is designed to foster better patient outcomes by helping to prevent the 100,000 deaths yearly from drugs that are prescribed properly and 80,000 deaths from those which are not, resulting in $289 billion spent annually on malpractice payouts.

Through a visualization of drug-to-drug interactions, drug-to-allergy interactions, and drug to DNA metabolization, medical professionals can create what-if scenarios for drug issues, allowing providers to personalize prescriptions.

There are a few major issues that led Zoeticx to proceed with the development of TruRecord, Thanh Tran, the company’s CEO, told eWEEK, with the first being electronic health record (EHR) limitations.

"Most EHR vendors offer a number of capabilities addressing drug adverse events, however, EMR vendors have serious limitations that cannot be overcome within a foreseeable future," he explained. "EHR vendors support drug adverse events by presenting physicians with texts, alert fatigue. In other words, data is presented, but there is no information that helps health providers reduce the potential for drug adverse events."

Tran explained that while a number of solutions offer similar capability, such as enhancing the capability offered by EHR systems, they operate independently from the existing deployed EHR systems.

"By operating separately from the deployed EHR solutions, without an integrated solution, providers would face other challenges, starting with integration, patient privacy protection," he said.

Tran noted on average, there are 35 new drugs introduced annually in the U.S. These drug introductions require physicians to stay on top of the new medications, as well as all of their effects, in addition to all the existing medications.

TruRecord client interfaces are supported on mobile and Web interfaces, providing personalized medication prescriptions. The platform accesses patient medical records through an on-demand, real time access portal from EHR and EMR systems.

In addition, without data duplication, TruRecord complies with the required secure patient privacy protections outlined by HIPAA.

"Our audience is care providers," Tran explained. "It would be the providers using the applications to directly impact patient outcomes and start the whole process. The support from providers is critical for TruRecord success."

He said the company’s marketing approach is to provide the solution free of use for physicians, make the solution deployment seamless to eliminate any operational disruption, leverage existing EHR solutions to eliminate any challenges such as privacy protection, HIPPA laws.

"Through this process, we would see the increased need for DNA lab test [which is] where we would draw our revenue," he explained.