Zoolz Launches Intelligent Cloud for Data Storage

The data storage platform automatically organizes documents, videos, audio files, images or scanned documents uploaded by users for instant access.

zoolz and data storage

Cloud storage provider Zoolz announced the launch of its data storage platform, Intelligent, which joins the company's suite of cloud backup and disaster recovery services for home users and businesses.

The technology automatically organizes documents, videos, audio files, images or scanned documents uploaded by users.

Other features include the ability to search by content, so if users can't find a file, they can simply enter a word or a phrase and the technology will provide all the relevant results. The results even show the sentence it's used in, much like a search engine.

Zoolz also has built optical character recognition (OCR) in to the platform, which will convert any scanned document and image into searchable data.

"The amount of data being generated is growing. By 2020, it's estimated that 40,000 exabytes will be produced. Dealing with this amount of data will be complex," Muayyad Shehadeh, CEO of Zoolz, told eWEEK. "Right now, there isn't an adequate solution that can help businesses deal with this growing problem. We also live in the age of the instant access, so we wanted to strike the right balance. So, we created an intelligent cloud that can not only help businesses structure their unstructured data, but also give them instant access."

A user can upload any type of video file—standard definition, high definition, 4K or 3D—and the company's technology automatically transcodes the file and creates an optimized version available for viewing.

The original video file also is stored in Cold Storage. Zoolz offers a frame-by-frame preview, as well as the ability to share videos to any computer, tablet or smartphone.

"Users want instant access. The explosion of data is making it harder for users to find their data quickly," Shehadeh said. "We wanted to change that. The aim of our intelligent filters is to make discovering data easier for everyone."

With intelligent filters, when an image is uploaded to Zoolz Intelligent, the technology extracts all the metadata, giving users the freedom to search by quality, camera type, location, date, size and footage length. Users even can search by dominant color in photographs.

Zoolz Intelligent resides on Amazon AWS, Shehadeh said. "We have multiple data center locations in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Japan. Any data stored in these regions comply with country regulations."

Zoolz uses multiple layers of security such as HTTPS connection, and all data stored on the platform is encrypted with AES-256. The company also offers MFA authentication for users, he added.