Zyrion Debuts Business Service Manager Traverse 5.1

Zyrion's latest version of its Business Service Management (BSM) software, Traverse 5.1, works with Google Maps to enable advanced visualization of network infrastructure using overlay geographical views.

Business Service Management and network monitoring specialist Zyrion announced the release of Traverse 5.1, the latest version of the company's integrated network and business service management software solution. This latest release of Traverse includes a range of features targeted to midmarket MSPs, and provides capabilities for network display, distributed data-gathering and event management. The company said the enhanced Traverse solution enables smaller MSPs to more effectively fulfill their mission of providing high-value IT solutions and services to their end customers at a lower cost. Traverse is available for download on Zyrion's Website or via one of Zyrion's authorized resale partners.

Traverse 5.1 is integrated familiar tools for smaller teams with Google Maps to enable advanced visualization of network infrastructure using overlay geographical views. Traverse supports cascading layers of live maps, enabling drill-down from a global view through to national, regional and local views, all the way down to an individual device or Service Container. Custom static images can be included in the drill-down to support viewing of the infrastructure layout in a data center, equipment room or server rack. From the device-level view, application users can invoke the event manager and initiate on-demand customized actions, such as creation of remediation work tickets. Traverse also provides a graphical user interface to create maps, along with drag-and-drop inclusion of hotspots and their constituent IT infrastructure.

"MSPs of all sizes are increasingly having to monitor the performance of applications and infrastructure that spans multiple types and layers of technology, includes a vast number of interrelated and co-dependent elements, and is spread across a variety of physical locations," said Vikas Aggarwal, founder and chief executive officer of Zyrion. "We are continuing to enhance the capabilities of Traverse to better enable MSPs to overcome the evolving operational and IT management challenges to successfully deliver managed services."

The multitenant security model in Traverse also allows small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) to create specific maps and drill-down views for different organizations, departments and teams, all within one instance of the software application. Aggarwal said Traverse 5.1 also enables more secure capture of performance data across a distributed infrastructure, and simplifies scaling of the data gathering elements.

The company's Data-gathering Engine (DGE) Extensions enable capturing performance data from closed or secure networks by eliminating the need for inbound connections from the primary data aggregation point. Furthermore, the DGE Extensions do not require any static IP addresses, and thus new data gathering elements can be added whenever and wherever needed. Aggarwal said this flexible data gathering capability better enables integrating, monitoring and correlating the MSPs diverse and distributed infrastructure within the Traverse platform.