Zyrion Offers Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring Platform

Zyrion's performance-management and monitoring technology maps components of the cloud to supported business services.

Zyrion announced the availability of its expanded Business Service Container Technology in its Traverse enterprise-network-management platform. The company said the addition of this enhanced capability within Traverse is designed to enable IT organizations to more effectively monitor their private- and public-cloud infrastructure.

Traverse is available for download on Zyrion's Website or via one of Zyrion's authorized resale partners. A 30-day trial or demo can also be accessed via the company's Website.

Business-service containers allow different departments and users to create views of the IT infrastructure that align with their roles. Most significantly, the Business Service Container model is overlaid on top of Traverse's topology discovery/display model to provide service-relevant topology views, reduce alarm floods and enable rapid root-cause analysis of service-performance degradation or downtime.

"Business Service Container technology is the key innovation within the Traverse platform that enables BSM [business-service management] and service-oriented IT monitoring, " said Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion. "It enables linking business services to the underlying IT infrastructure, and allows understanding the impact on business services when problems occur within the network.

"We continue to make significant investments in enhancing BSM-relevant capabilities in our solution, given that over 80 percent of our customers utilize the BSM features in our product, and in almost all cases, senior managers are actively using the BSM technology and dashboards on a regular basis," he continued.

Zyrion's performance-management and monitoring technology enables mapping the different components of the cloud to supported business services. Zyrion's monitoring approach starts by first looking at the performance and availability of business services, and then the underlying components within the cloud-computing infrastructure.

Business-service containers within the Traverse platform are flexible, automated objects that represent business services in an organization. They allow an organization to create logical, business-oriented views of the overall physical and virtualized computing network. Users can define different service-level agreements for different containers, create fault-tolerant redundant models within a container and have nested containers with cascading alarms.

Aggarwal said traditional approaches to performance monitoring focus only on the individual nodes and components in the IT infrastructure. "Given that cloud infrastructure is a shared resource, individual technical performance indicators taken in isolation are not as meaningful," he said. "Zyrion helps organizations holistically monitor the performance of business services instead."