Zyrion Offers Storage Monitoring Module for NetApp, EMC

The storage module provides views of the performance of storage systems from vendors like NetApp, EMC, BlueArc, Dell and Sun.

Zyrion, a provider of business service management and network performance monitoring solutions, announced the integration of its service container technology with its storage monitoring module for providing visibility into the impact of NAS and SAN devices on business services. The integrated solution is designed to reduce the time to resolution for service-related issues that are the result of storage infrastructure performance problems, according to the company.

Traverse's Storage Module provides in-depth views of the performance of storage systems from vendors such as NetApp, EMC, BlueArc, Dell and Sun. Support for NetApp includes analytical capabilities for disk, system and network interface metrics, such as network appliance disk I/O, network appliance IP traffic, CPU utilization, physical memory utilization and more. For EMC infrastructure, Traverse provides out-of-the-box monitoring profiles for Avamar, Clariion, Connectrix and Symmetrix, amongst other components. Information on supported vendor systems is available at the company's Website.

In addition, Traverse's Business Service Container technology maps storage system performance metrics to supported business services, giving organizations the ability to understand impacted services when there are any performance issues with the storage components. Traverse Business Service Containers enable the correlating and tying together of performance metrics from the entire network, server, storage and cloud infrastructure to monitor and verify the performance of services. If end users complain about service performance or if degradation is detected, IT personnel are able to analyze the path of the service, using context-specific status views and real-time reports, to identify the sources of problems that may be traced back to NAS and SAN elements.

"Storage is a critical component of all business services, and providing an integrated services view of the entire infrastructure, including the storage component, is essential to track the complex interdependencies of the IT infrastructure required to deliver a service to end users," said Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion. "We are continuing to innovate in enabling service-oriented monitoring of the entire IT infrastructure, and enterprises such as Ancestry.com and FiberLink, as well as governmental organizations such as DLA and U.S. Army ATEC are using Traverse to monitor their storage systems, alongside other server and network components."

Zyrion's Traverse software enables, within one integrated platform, monitoring the health of IT infrastructure, as well performing analytics to understand the impact on supported business services. Traverse provides a business service view of the infrastructure, with the ability to link infrastructure components to the associated business services.

TRM Technologies, a Canadian provider of enterprise architecture, infrastructure, security, risk management and HR solutions, recently completed the sale and deployment of Traverse for the Canadian government. TRM guided the customer through a fit-gap assessment, during which Traverse was evaluated against other solutions, including offerings from the other vendors.

"Zyrion's ability to provide real‐time visibility into the performance of business services was critical to the customer's business renewal strategy," said Norman Carr, president of TRM. "Zyrion's flexible, easy-to-implement, yet powerful business container technology that allows creating multiple logical service-oriented views of the network was recognized as being a unique capability. Also, the support from the Zyrion team during the evaluation process was exceptional. Monitor definitions for the customer's wireless devices were turned around within days."