Zyrion Updates Traverse Network Management Platform

The company's Traverse solution provides network and server monitoring capabilities that link applications to business services.

Business service management (BSM) and network performance monitoring solutions specialist Zyrion announced the availability of preintegrated configuration management in its Traverse 5.1 enterprise network management platform. The addition of this new capability within the Traverse platform helps IT organizations manage their enterprise network using a singled unified solution.

Traverse is available for download on Zyrion's Website or via one of the company's authorized resale partners. It is also being offered as a free 30-day trial for potential customers.
The company's Traverse solution provides correlated, end-to-end network and server monitoring capabilities that link underlying applications and the IT infrastructure to business services. Zyrion said all types of organizations, including large and midtier enterprises, are increasingly dependent on distributed IT, next-generation cloud-computing, virtualization and SAAS (software as a service) technologies. Given the increasing complexity of the IT environment, existing point-management solutions are unable to keep up with evolving needs of businesses. Information gaps and inconsistencies due to the lack of adequate integration between the myriad of disparate tools, in many cases from the same vendor, are increasingly causing service downtime and performance degradation.
Vikas Aggarwal, CEO of Zyrion, said the total cost of ownership is skyrocketing due to the high cost to tie things together initially, ongoing expenses for technicians to manage all the different tools, and the complexity of updating these tools as the IT environment evolves. "Traverse supports viewing service impacts by correlating data from different parts of the IT infrastructure, drilling down to identify the underlying technical components, determining the sources of performance degradation, and then where applicable, rapidly making the configuration changes to remediate the problem," he said.

"We provide a unified environment, where configuration management is directly tied to network performance and business service monitoring," he continued. "We have already seen a trend toward consolidation where our customers are moving away from multiple point products, and we have now made it even easier for our customers to manage their critical network operations functions using a single, powerful application."
Ancestry.com, an online family history resource, deployed the Traverse solution to monitor the performance of distributed IT infrastructure and IT services in its data centers. Ancestry.com has a large IT infrastructure that includes thousands of servers and stores petabytes of information. In addition to family history resources, Ancestry.com is rolling out tools and technologies to facilitate growth of its IT infrastructure.
"We replaced a 3-year-old implementation of an alternative monitoring solution with Zyrion Traverse to better monitor the performance of our IT infrastructure and supported business services, and also achieve the right balance of advanced functionality, affordability and manageability," said Mike Wolfgramm, senior vice president of technology and CTO of Ancestry.com. "We now are able to get a more comprehensive dashboard view into the health of our IT services, giving us more visibility across our entire infrastructure."