Zyxel Integrates AuthenTec Embedded Security in Network Appliances

AuthenTec and Zyxel partner to integrate AuthenTec's QuickSec Server IP security platform into ZyWall appliances.

AuthenTec, a provider of security and identity management solutions, announced that Zyxel Communications has chosen its QuickSec IPsec Server toolkit to enhance security in its ZyWall Series of network security appliances. Taiwan-based Zyxel, an Internet solutions provider with a specialized position in security solutions, will integrate QuickSec Server IP security (IPsec) in a broad range of network products that secure end-to-end communication between clients and the gateways.

AuthenTec's QuickSec Server provides scalable, carrier-grade security to handle up to 1 million secure VPN tunnels between clients and a Zyxel gateway simultaneously. QuickSec Server supports multiple standards and client platforms, making the ZyWall series of security, firewall and unified threat management (UTM) appliances compatible with current and emerging standards and client devices.

"Our QuickSec Server offering was a great fit for Zyxel since their security appliances serve such a broad range of users, from small offices/home offices [SOHOs] to larger enterprises," said Simon Blake-Wilson, AuthenTec vice president of embedded security solutions. "QuickSec is part of the growing security and identity management offerings that provide security from the smartphone and mobile platforms all the way to the servers and gateways in the cloud. We were pleased that Zyxel chose our proven QuickSec Server solution, which enhances security, performance and standards compatibility to help ensure that their ZyWall series of products provide many years of dependable use."

Zyxel products integrate AuthenTec's QuickSec Server into ZyWall's USG series of unified security gateways. These products work with AuthenTec's QuickSec Clients, such as smartphones, to ensure secured end-to-end VPN solutions. The company said this is especially important nowadays when mobile communications comprise a large percentage of network applications.

"We chose AuthenTec's QuickSec Server for our ZyWall series of security, firewall and UTM appliances because it provided an easy integration path without compromising security robustness, compatibility or performance commonly associated with competing VPN offerings," said Alpha Chen, vice president of the enterprise solutions business unit at Zyxel. "Through our collaboration with AuthenTec we receive strong technical support and a field-proven solution that's scalable and supports current and emerging standards."

QuickSec Server Toolkit is an IPsec development toolkit that provides a carrier-grade IPsec VPN solution for networking device developers and equipment OEMs. QuickSec Server Toolkit is designed to offer standards-compliant authentication, confidentiality and data integrity for security gateways, routers and network servers. Interoperable with QuickSec and other standards-based clients, the server toolkit includes the latest IKEv2 as well as MOBIKE for mobile VPN client support.

According to information released by AuthenTec, the toolkit supports a range of platforms such as Linux 2.6, MontaVista Linux, Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP, Microsoft Windows Server, WindRiver VxWorks and many other operating systems through the portability layer.