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tripwire and it security

Financial Services Firms Lack Adequate IT Security, Survey Finds

Tripwire found 29 percent of systems do not detect all attempts to access files or network-accessible file shares without the appropriate privileges.
social media and marketing

Businesses Turn to Social Media to Extend Marketing Reach

When selecting their preferred influencer marketing channel, 34 percent of brands focus their strategy on blogs, a new survey finds.
data and blazent

Businesses Lack Confidence in Data Analytics

A Blazent study indicated the pace of adoption for more sophisticated algorithmic analysis is accelerating more quickly than originally anticipated.
blannco and mobile

Android, iOS Devices Susceptible to Failure

A report also finds device failure rates are significantly higher in Asia (55 percent) than in North America (27 percent) and Europe (35 percent).
bofa and smb

Small Businesses Pulling Back on Hiring, Investment

Only 22 percent of small-business owners plan to add employees over the next 12 months, a 24 percentage-point drop from last year, according to a Bank of America survey.
verizon and security

Ransomware, Phishing Attacks Rise as Cyber-Crime Increases

A Verizon report found most attacks exploit known vulnerabilities that have never been patched despite patches being available for months or even years.
spiceworks and mobile

Spiceworks Launches Mobile App for Help Desk

With the mobile app, IT professionals can receive push notifications on their mobile devices to stay on top of help desk tickets while away from their desks.
it security and mobility

OptioLabs, Ridge Global Partner on Mobile Security

Through its work with OEMs, OptioLabs helps ensure industry standards for security products are met prior to market launch.
onecloud and smbs

OneCloud Networks Aims UC Offering at Small Businesses

All Inclusive Small Business Package includes unlimited long distance in the United States and Canada and comes with an app for computer, mobile device and tablet.
angel investors and startups

Angel Investors Target Science, Technology Startups

A Propel(x) survey finds that nearly one-third (31 percent) of investors cite solving some of the world’s biggest challenges as their main motivation.
it security and gateways

Secure Web Gateways Fail to Prevent Malicious Attacks

Of 200 billion total communications observed by Seculert, nearly 5 million attempted malicious outbound communications were from infected devices.
byod and aruba

Mobile Workplaces Boost Employee Engagement, Productivity

Six in ten employees said mobile technology makes them more productive, while more than four in ten believe it causes their creativity to rise.

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