Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle is a principal at Enderle Group. He is a nationally recognized analyst and a longtime contributor to eWEEK and Pund-IT. Enderle is considered one of the top 10 IT analysts in the world by Apollo Research, which evaluated 3,960 technology analysts and their individual press coverage metrics.

Intel Arc: Pat Gelsinger’s Revenge

Pat Gelsinger was one of the front runners to take over Intel years ago when he was asked to take over Larrabee Microarchitecture; that effort was supposed to finally...

Living With Windows 365

I have long awaited something like Windows 365, which is Microsoft's PC in the cloud. So each user is assigned, depending on service level, a virtual PC with various...

Siggraph and the Creation Of The Metaverse

When the Internet arrived, it caught a whole bunch of people sleeping. Even Microsoft was caught out of position, but Bill Gates immediately understood the risk and rallied the...

Why Apple’s Enterprise Efforts Always Fail

Apple is again making a run at the Enterprise, and Forrester has released a report indicating companies could save around $300 a year in support by moving to Macs. ...

The Konftel C2070: Green Huddle Room Video Solution

Thanks to the pandemic, I’m getting in many Huddle Room solutions to test, and one of them that stands out is the Konftel C2070.  This solution is a platform-independent...

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