8 Ways to Speed Up Your Organization's Data Storage Performance

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8 Ways to Speed Up Your Organization's Data Storage Performance

The data deluge can seriously impact the speed of your infrastructure, including storage. Here are some tips to speed things up and keep them moving.

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Deploy Server Flash as an Acceleration Tier

Deploying flash in the server is very effective because data access is fast since it's so close to the processors.

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Use Analytics to Remove I/O Bottlenecks

Performance bottlenecks can happen at any layer of the IT stack, but analytics can find the needle in the haystack to find trouble spots quickly.

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Leverage Infrastructure-Level In-Memory Computing

Nothing is faster than RAM in the server, and using software to turn RAM into fault-tolerant media can accelerate databases by orders of magnitude without database upgrades or application rewrites.

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Switch to All-Flash Arrays

With the price of all-flash arrays constantly dropping, they are now comparable in cost to traditional disk or hybrid arrays but faster when it comes to performance.

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Upgrade the Storage Network

Upgrading from 1GbE to 10GbE or 40GbE can eliminate storage network slowdown in highly utilized environments.

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Scale Up Your Processing Power

For demanding applications that already are served by very fast storage, computing in a single server can stall operations. Scale up the server to the latest processors or add more CPU (central processing unit) sockets.

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Scale Out Your Servers

In a virtualized environment, add more servers in a scale-out fashion to get more processing power without disruption and added resiliency.

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Software Updates Matter

New software releases often include optimizations to speed things up at all layers of the stack. If you're not running the latest and greatest application, operating system or hypervisor version, updating them could be the simplest way to solve performance issues.

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