Acta Teams With Business Objects

Acta announced Wednesday that it has combined its ETL with Business Objects' Application Foundation.

Data integration platform provider Acta Technology Inc. announced Wednesday that it has combined its extraction, transformation and loading technology (ETL) with Business Objects SAs Application Foundation technology to enable businesses to develop real time data integration between the back office and Business Objects applications.

Business Objects, of San Jose, Calif., provides business intelligence software that lets organizations access, analyze and share information internally and externally.

The upshot is the integration of both companies technology provides users with a solution that delivers enterprise data in real time from a number of backend systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM) via email alerts and updated reports.

Acta released its ActaWorks 5.1, data integration platform last week. It works in conjunction with BusinessObjects Application Foundation 2.5 framework to provide users with an end-to-end analytics solution, according to officials at Acta in Mountain View, Calif.

Acta worked with Business Objects to develop a real time HTTP adapter that allows ActaWorks to push real-time updates through to the Application Foundation Rules Engine, using HTTP calls and XML documents. The rules engine then parses the XML docs, evaluates conditions and generates an alert, if applicable.

At the same time, ActaWorks updates the associated data warehouse in real time so that reports related to the alert are updated.

ActaWorks, the companys data server, provides both batch and real time data extraction into a single data integration platform. At the same time, the ActaWorks 5.1 platform can be configured to capture sales orders from a companys ERP or CRM systems. That data can be passed in real time to BusinessObjects Analytics.

The HTTP adapter is available now with ActaWorks 5.1.