Adaptec Bulks Up NAS with Storage Hardware Upgrade

Adaptec rolls out its new Snap Server 500 Series boxes and new CDP hardware in conjunction with the debut of a NAS platform that uses AMD Opteron architecture.

Adaptec on Feb. 21 rolled out its new Snap Server 500 Series boxes in conjunction with the release of Adaptecs StorAssure Personal Edition CDP (continuous data protection) hardware.

The release marks the debut of the companys NAS (network-attached storage) platform on customizable 64-bit AMD Opteron architecture within a 1U form factor.

Ranging from departmental to enterprise functionality, the Snap Server 500 Series features three models: the Snap Server 510 featuring 640GB of SATA (serial ATA); the Snap Server 520 with 1TB or 2TB SATA; and Snap Server 550 offering 1.2TB of SAS (serial-attached SCSI).

Currently available, the 510 and 520 will eventually replace Adaptecs existing Snap 4500 server. Meanwhile the Snap 550, which is set for release next month, expands that line, noted Julie Herd Goodman, network storage product manager for Milpitas, Calif.-based Adaptec.

Depending on the Snap Server 500 model chosen, dual power supplies can either come standard with the hardware or can be purchased as an extra option. The 500 series does provide dual redundant Gigabit Ethernet ports.

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The Snap Server 510, 520, and 550 is built on top of Adaptecs GuardianOS software platform with adjoining snapshot capabilities and offers cross-platform file sharing and uses iSCSI to provide block-level data access for a single network storage device.

Data protection of the boxes is instituted via Computer Associates Internationals eTrust anti-virus and BakBone Softwares NetVault backup software.

The 500 series takes into stringent account application requirements of distributed workgroups, remote offices and small and midsize businesses by supporting the ability to knit together hot-swappable SAS and SATA drives.

This occurs via Adaptecs new SANbloc S50 SAS JBOD. Available next month, the S50 JBOD expansion unit—ticketed to eventually replace Adaptecs S30 JOBD—will be the universal SAS/SATA expansion array for the Snap Server 520 and 550 to extend the boxes to a total of 43.2TB of SATA or 26.4TB of SAS capacity.

Targeted for availability in March, Adaptecs StorAssure CDP can be used with all of the storage companys Snap Servers, including the new 510, 520 and 550 models.

The product automatically backs up any file changes made as they occur directly from client desktops or laptops to a network-attached Snap Server.

A rules wizard helps users set up StorAssure to specify the types of files to protect based on application, file type or customized include and exclude lists.

Mike Nelson, manager of Information Systems for Columbia, Md.-based Amerock, has been testing the Adaptec 550 Snap Server.

Having already used Dell and Hewlett-Packard NAS technology, Nelson said he was looking to implement a NAS-based replication and disaster recovery product to help centralize storage management of seven branch offices in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

"We are a rapidly growing company. We wanted a product—instead of just a file server—to put at our many remote sites and also were looking at it as a backup system," said Nelson.

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"Were consolidating servers and going to a centralized model for cost. With a distributed model, you need an expert at every remote site. We think this product will allow us to do [centralize storage management in Maryland] with SAS replication and disaster recovery."

In fact, Nelson said he is interested in building a SAN (storage area network) environment to push data consolidation. As part of that, he is looking to implement iSCSI as a cheaper cost alternative to Fiber Channel.

"Were connecting the [550] appliance up to our servers via iSCSI rather than straight network-to-network connectivity. We saw a huge speed difference with local servers, and do Snap-to-Snap device for replication across the sites."

Pricing for the Snap Server 510 starts at $3,595. The Snap Server 520 starts at $4,595 and $6,395. The Snap Server 550 will be priced at $9,995.

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