Amazon Takes All Wraps Off, Offers Sky's-the-Limit Storage

After a free three-month trial, users will pay either $1 or $5 per month for unlimited storage of anything digital they can name.

Those rumors about cloud data storage are true: There's so much storage now available—and there's so much competition to get people to use it—that capacity limits are now a thing of the past.

Amazon, the first Internet services provider to go mainstream with cloud storage in 2006, revealed March 26 that it now is offering two unlimited cloud storage plans with Amazon Cloud Drive: Unlimited Everything and Unlimited Photos. Of course, photos and video and other images can all be housed in Unlimited Everything, but for those who like to be more specific about their storage, the Unlimited Photos is a logical option.

Users can move their existing content collections and automatically upload literally endless amounts of new content, including photos, videos, movies, music and files, to these Amazon accounts.

Deduplication? Who needs it? It's like having a couple of warehouses to store what you have in the attic.

You can bet that competitors—and there are many—will be going this same route soon.

These AWS accounts are not free, although that is probably what we'll be writing about a year from now, the way it's going. As of March 26, users can sign up for a free three-month trial, something Seattle-based Amazon hopes will get people hooked.

The pricing is certainly reasonable. The Unlimited Photos Plan, after the free three-month trial, costs $11.99 per year. Users may store an infinite number of photos in Cloud Drive; they can upload existing collections and store all future photos automatically as they are shot. This plan also includes 5GB of additional storage for videos or other documents and files.

The Unlimited Everything Plan (a free three-month trial, then $59.99 per year—equivalent of less than $5 per month) enables users to store an infinite number of new and existing photos, videos, files, documents, movies and music in Cloud Drive.

For more information about Amazon Cloud Drive and the unlimited cloud storage plans, go here.

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