Asigra Advances Software-Defined Data Protection

VIDEO: David Farajun, CEO of Asigra, explains what the disaster-recovery business is all about.

software defined data protection

Twenty-eight years ago, David Farajun had a problem, his hard drive failed and he needed to recover data. That experience led Farajun to the revelation that there needed to be a better way to handle data recovery, which led the to creation of his company: Asigra.

In a video interview with eWEEK, Farajun details his view on the state of data recovery in the modern cloud era, as user demands continue to evolve.

This week at the Asigra Partner Summit in Toronto, Asigra expanded its approach and announced its software-defined data protection (SDDP) vision. The basic idea is to make backup storage more flexible, in an era where cost containment is critical and data volumes are growing.

The SDDP approach is set to complement the Asigra Cloud Backup technology platform. One of the cornerstones of Asigra's business model is the company's Recovery License Model, which leverages a usage-based approach to help determine costs.

Overall, Farajun said that the Asigra technology approach includes multiple elements, including the readiness of people to embrace change. When it comes to the idea of the cloud as a vehicle for disaster recovery, simply using a cloud infrastructure vendor like Amazon isn't enough, Farajun said.

The use of data de-duplication, snapshotting and data segregation are all useful elements for disaster recovery. Farajun also noted that it's important to have a system that is able to archive and handle data archiving automatically, without the need for human intervention.

Watch the full video interview with David Farajun below:

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Sean Michael Kerner

Sean Michael Kerner

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