Asigra Converges Disaster Recovery into Cloud Backup Software

The new version adds a full Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) enablement that features snapshot VMware vSphere replication along with endpoint data loss prevention.

Asigra cloud backup service

Servers, CPUs, storage arrays and networking equipment have all gone through so-called "converged" stages—meaning more functionality is being crammed into smaller and smaller hardware form factors. So it follows that somebody would come up with converged functions in software.

Toronto-based cloud backup provider Asigra is doing just that with version 13 of its platform, launched Feb. 10. The new version adds a full Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) enablement that features snapshot VMware vSphere replication along with endpoint data loss prevention.

For those shops using open-source storage systems, Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13 also offers open infrastructure support for FreeBSD on ZFS and CentOS Linux. Integration is also available with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) for low-cost, long-term retention of backup data. You can believe it; plenty of enterprises continue to utilize digital tape for archiving and long-term backup—largely for the huge cost benefits.

That's all just for starters. Asigra 13 also includes Docker Container Backup/Recovery, Office 365 Data Protection and even Mobile Device Geo-Location and Remote Wipe—all features that were nowhere to be found previously in the platform.

Key: Fast Snapshot Replication

The key to all of this is the fast snapshot-based replication of virtual machines that has no backup to slow things down. That's right—there's no backup involved here. Snapshots replace all that capacity.

"Using the hypervisor APIs, we can replicate from a source virtual machine to one or more target VMs—either colocated or remotely located—and we're able to have the replica (snapshot of the VM) up and running and able to take over the workload in five minutes or less, in an optimum scenario," Asigra exec William Kulju told eWEEK.

More details:

--Docker Container Backup/Recovery: This addresses the growing popularity of Docker and the rapid deployment of applications on the open source platform. Asigra Cloud Backup now provides a full-scale data recovery package for application data in these environments, on-premise and in the cloud, Kulju said.

--Office 365 Data Protection: Using Asigra Cloud Backup, organizations can protect Microsoft Office 365 data at all times—automatically. The latest integration allows companies to recover data beyond documents and spreadsheets to include Exchange Online, SharePoint workspaces and OneDrive repositories.

--Mobile Device Geo-Location and Remote Wipe: Data on mobile endpoints needs better protection, because hundreds of thousands of mobile devices are lost or stolen each year. For enhanced mobile device data protection, Asigra 13 includes integrated geo-location and remote wipe at no additional charge to help enterprises close the mobile endpoint security hole. The feature allows users to find the location of lost or stolen devices quickly from the Asigra DS-NOC using the Google Maps interface and wipe data remotely if required.

Availability and Pricing

Asigra Cloud Backup Version 13 is available now. For IT service providers who want to evaluate the software, a 14-day free trial with no obligation is available here.

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