Automatic Backup 1.0.2

Review: Iomega's Automatic Backup 1.0.2 is well designed, simple and flexible. (And inexpensive to boot.)

Iomega Automatic Backup 1.0.2 ($39.95) is well designed, simple and flexible. The most reliable approach is to set it so that it manages backups without any user input, backing up files as you edit them. Data can be saved to another system, a network drive, or even a folder on the same computer. (Backing up to the same system is not the best idea, since youll lose your data and the backups if the computer or hard drive fails.)

Alternatively, you can manually back up your files with a few clicks of the mouse, or, as with traditional backup products, you can schedule backups to occur at certain days and times.

Iomega doesnt use any compression technology, so backing up extremely large files can take considerable storage space. (Could this be because the company is in the business of selling storage media? Nah.) Restoring data involves a simple drag-and-drop.

The program conveniently helps you store an extra copy of your backup on a Zip disk or other removable media, providing another level of insurance while letting you carry the data with you if necessary. Iomega Automatic Backup includes Iomega Sync, a very handy utility that lets you synchronize files between computers.