Avere, Fujitsu Team for '100/100/100' Storage Package

Avere's storage cluster nodes bring management and I/O optimization capabilities previously unavailable at the Japanese company.

Fujitsu, a very successful but old-school IT products company, has found a software provider that is helping it view storage in a whole new light.

That would be Avere, whose storage cluster nodes bring management and I/O optimization capabilities previously unavailable at the Japanese company, which has joined with Fujitsu to put together an easy-to-remember 100-100-100 proposition for its customers.

The companies made the announcement Oct. 17 at Storage Networking World in Santa Clara, Calif.

Avere and Fujitsu now are providing systems guaranteeing 100TB of capacity and 100,000 IOPs for a cost of $100,000, CEO Ron Bianchini told eWEEK. Fujitsu provides the storage hardware, and Avere pitches in the filer nodes and management software. It all plugs together, the software finds all the storage caches inside a system, and everything starts working.

Breaking the system down into specifics, the new package consists of the Fujitsu Core filer with UDS NAS controllers and Eternus DX80 S2 Disk Storage System with a two-node Avere FXT 3100 Edge filer cluster.

On paper, this results in a high-capacity, high-performance system for midrange enterprises that also is competitive from a pricing standpoint. Similar petabyte-capacity systems have been listed in the seven-figure range.

The 100/100/100 bundled package is scalable to 2.5 million IOPs and 2PB in storage as data stores increase -- and these are not slowing down anytime soon, Bianchini said.

More technical information: The Fujitsu system features dual active/active UDS NAS controllers with high availability failover, Symantec FileStore OS, 256 snapshots and standard 4x 1GbE connectivity. Fujitsu's system includes a 1x control enclosure with dual RAID controllers and 12x 3.5-inch disks, 3x disk enclosures with 12x 3.5-inch disks each and 48x 3TB 7.2k SAS disks.

Optionally available is 10GbE connectivity, and the unit can be expanded with additional drives up to 2PB.

The Avere 2-node FXT 3100 cluster provides 96GB RAM with 2GB NVRAM and 4.8TB of SAS disk storage, 12 1GbE ports and four copper10GbE ports.

"Customers can feel secure in the knowledge that their data is protected by a comprehensive set of Fujitsu management functionality and jointly supported by both companies and our selling partners," Bianchini said.

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