Avere Ships New Scale-Out NAS Appliances

New arrays, like most all of the newer-generation storageware, feature faster and cooler-running Intel Xeon quad-core processors.

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Storage-appliance maker Avere Systems on April 4 launched a pair of new scale-out NAS (network-attached storage) devices for midmarket and large enterprises.

The company made the announcement on Day 1 of the Storage Networking World conference here at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The event continues through April 7.

The FXT 2550 and 2750 arrays, like most all of the newer-generation storageware now being produced, feature faster and cooler-running Intel Xeon quad-core processors. These machines also feature additional capacity on the DRAM (dynamic RAM) cache tier, CEO Ron Bianchini said.

The new appliances also offer more connectivity choices than previous versions, with six 1G bit Ethernet ports to go with dual 10GbE ports-with copper or optical options, Bianchini said.

The new FXT appliances run on Avere's A-3 storage architecture, which includes three key Avere features: a file system that uses demand-generated algorithms dynamically to tier data automatically for best access, scale-out clustering for high-end transactional workloads and controls to manage multiple heterogeneous NAS systems as needed.

Up to 25 FXT appliances can be clustered to provide for up to "millions of IOPS and dozens of gigabytes per second throughput," Bianchini said.

Avere's FXT 2550 includes 72GB of DRAM, 1GB of nonvolatile RAM and 3.6TB of 15K SAS (serial-attached SCSI) disk storage, six 1GbE ports and two copper 10GbE ports for $72,500. The unit can be configured with dual optical 10GbE ports for $75,500.

The FXT 2750 features the same configuration but substitutes the SAS disk tier for 512GB of SLC (single-level cell) SSD storage for $82,500. The dual 10GbE optical port version sells for $85,500. All of the new FXT scale-out NAS appliances with the Avere 2.0 Operating System and global namespace are currently available.

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