Backup Product Targets Mid-Size Firms

Avail Solutions is using the older concept of hierarchal storage management in new data backup and recovery software for medium-sized companies.

A start-up in the data backup and recovery market has a new twist that it is applying to mid-size enterprises.

Avail Solutions will launch Integrity 2002 on Aug. 1, founder and CEO Mark Armstrong said. "Were not removing the original data from the users disk, were making a copy of it and then managing it," he explained. That management uses the older concept of hierarchal storage management, he said.

The plan is target for mid-size companies; currently such technology is emphasized for larger organizations, from vendors like Bakbone Software Inc., Computer Associates International Inc., and Legato Systems Inc., noted Armstrong, in Escondido, Calif. Integrity 2002 will be priced based on the capacity of the storage its managing, from about $5,000 for a small system to $60,000 for large infrastructures, he said.

Armstrong said his 10-person companys product will be able to manage any SCSI-2 mainstream storage hardware. Deals to make Integrity 2002 compatible with higher-level functionality will likely transpire for vendors such as Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC), Hewlett-Packard Co., Exabyte Corp., and Quantum Corp., while deals with undisclosed network-attached storage vendors will be announced this summer, he said.

Beta testing of the product will begin imminently, Armstrong said. Once the main version launches, updates will come every quarter, he said.