Backup Solutions Sample RFP

Sample RFP: Sizing up backup solutions.

eWEEK Labs strongly recommends that IT managers closely examine their current environment and size up their goals before shopping for a backup solution. A site survey can provide this information. Following are some questions to ask as you begin developing an RFP for backup solutions.


* Does your solution support backup to disks? • If so, which targets can you write to? (NAS, file share, iSCSI array and so on)

• How is data compressed onto disk?

* Does the product offer bare-metal restore capabilities? • For which platforms? • Does it have bare-metal restore for client systems?

• Are there additional licensing fees?

* Does the solution provide end-user file restore? • If so, how do users access the backup utility? (through a Web interface or through an add-on application)

* Does the product offer client backup? • Can it back up remote clients using an Internet connection?

• Does it have a push install mechanism to place agents on client machines?

• Can its management tools locate at-risk systems and enforce mandatory backups?


* Is your backup platform compatible with anti-virus software? • If so, which products?

• Does the platform integrate with SRM (supplier relationship management)? Which packages?

• Does it integrate with security applications?

* Which e-mail platforms does the product back up? • Does it have message-level restore capabilities?

• Is WORM management built into the product?

* Which databases does your offering support? • Can it back up live databases?

• Does it have the ability to quiesce a database before creating a backup?

* Is tiered backup supported? • Does your offering support D2D2T backups?

• Does it automate the data migration process (moving old data on disk to tape)?


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