BluestSoft to Launch USB Data Eraser

The company's security software will let business users erase important computer data.

BluestSoft announced Jan. 9 that it will launch its DiskDeleter USB 2.2.0, software that will allow business professionals to erase their computers information, including Windows and other hard disk data.

BluestSofts DiskDeleter USB 2.2.0 will allow business users to insert the USB stick and erase it in a safe and secure cleaning method, which is based on the U.S. Department of Defense DOD 5220 .22-M clearing and sanitizing directives, which makes the removal of data unrecoverable.

Mike Inamine, a spokesperson for the Irvine, Calif.-based security platforms provider, said the DiskDeleter USB 2.2.0 "is easy to carry, has six delete methods and high-speed deletion, as delete time is 21 seconds/1GB, according to our lab testing."

Using two methods, DiskDeleter USB will be able to erase a users computer data. With the first method, users will be able to insert the DiskDeleter USB stick into the computer and using included software, run the cleaning wizard while Windows is running.

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The second method will work under DOS and Windows platforms as well as Intel-based Linux/Unix. Users can insert the USB stick into the computer when it is shut down and then start the machine back up again; DiskDeleters cleaning wizard will automatically run from the USB.

"For business users, complete deletion is a must to prevent from data leakages, and high-speed deletion is a critical factor, especially when they need to clean up many computers," Inamine said.

The DiskDeleter USB will be identifiable as a CD-ROM by any computer, which will help users who have old machines that do not support USB sticks, the company said. Users will also be able to erase computer data using six data cleaning methods: Zero White, Random Write, Random Zero, DOD 5220.22-M, NATO Standard and Gutmann.

BluestSofts DiskDeleter USB 2.2.0 is available now at the companys Web site for $79.95.

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