Can Business Continuity Handle Unfettered Data Growth? - Page 3

Fadi Albatal, director of marketing for FalconStor -- a highly regarded storage and data protection OEM for a number of major systems providers -- explained to eWEEK about his take on the pent-up need for more storage that will be unleashed in the next two years.
"Data deduplication will be paramount," Albatal said. "Other data storage methods, such as online storage backup, will become popular to amortize customer investment in storage infrastructure.
"The cloud will provide a continuum of local infrastructure that will allow customers to accommodate increasingly rapid data growth and to massively scale their storage capacity both in space and time. Also, the integration of intelligent processes and data management solutions will become a necessity rather than a nice-to-have feature," Abatal said.

The adoption of more current solutions, such as continuous data protection, will replace traditional backup applications that are responsible for the increased pressure on storage capacity, Albatal added.

Chris Preimesberger

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