Can Business Continuity Handle Unfettered Data Growth? - Page 5

Iron Mountain has been protecting business information since 1951 and acquired Stratify, a provider of advanced electronic discovery services for the legal market, in 2007. Here are the BC best practices that Iron Mountain/Stratify recommends to its customers:

1. Make backup copies of all critical data. Companies need to ensure all of their critical data is backed up -- not just primary servers and the data center.

2. Protect your backup data off-site. Send your backup data off-site to a trusted third party that will ensure you have your data when and where you need it.
3. Have a disaster recovery plan and test it. With regular testing of their plans, companies have "pre-made" decisions that are more difficult to make during an actual crisis.
4. Test your backup solution. Companies should conduct simple restore tests with their backup solutions either weekly or after critical events, such as the closing of the quarterly books.
5. Communicate early and often with your disaster recovery vendors. Make sure you understand the protocols for "declaring a disaster" with your off-site data protection provider.

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