CeBIT After Dark

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CeBIT After Dark

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CeBIT After Dark - Your Basic CeBIT Party

Tobit Software throws a party for customers and others in typical trade-show fashion. The entertainers are mostly ignored while everyone talks business.

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CeBIT After Dark - Celebrity Performers

August-Wilhelm Scheer, president of the Presiding Committee for BITKOM, the German Information Technology Association, plays the sax with a jazz trio at a reception for the international press put on by the government of France.

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CeBIT After Dark - French Food

The real reason that the members of the international press corps go to parties like this is the food--in this case, French specialties prepared by French chefs.

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CeBIT After Dark - Help from the Organizers

Staff from Hannover Fairs, organizers of CeBIT, assist the press in checking out the German consumables. In this case, it's Brock McCormack from Hannover Fairs USA (right) assisting members of the International press in their task.

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CeBIT After Dark - Background Music

A traditional German oompah band performs.

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