Cleaning Up Your Hard Drive

DiskPie Pro provides users with customizable pie charts to find and fix overweight folders, files, and disk drives.

No matter what the size of your drive, youre bound to run out of space when storing digital photos, MP3s, and especially digital video, not to mention bloated Word documents full of inserted images, overloaded PowerPoint presentations, and the loads upon loads of e-mail attachments youre bombarded with daily. Have you seen the size of your Outlook mail folders lately? Windows Explorer offers no easy way to find obese folders and files on your system, so when the drive is approaching its maximum, youre stuck!

DiskPie Pro, the latest premium utility from PC Magazine, to the rescue! With its customizable pie charts, you can visually find your overweight folders, files, and even see what filetypes are eating up your precious drive space. Once youve found your biggest offenders, DiskPie Pro will help you clean your drive—and itll even be a watchdog, quietly monitoring the disk (or networked drive) in the background so you can keep it clean, orderly, and more important, fast and efficient. This new version is a complete rewrite of our original DiskPie utility.

Here are a few of the highlights. With DiskPie Pro, you can:

  • Quickly identify space-hogging files and folders, so you can keep your drive clean and fast.
  • Get an instant breakdown by filetype of the files that are hogging your hard disk.
  • Find and manage the largest files on your drive. Plus, if you have FileSnoop installed on your PC, you can even get more information about these big offenders.
  • Automatically monitor folders in the background—DiskPie can alert you whenever a particular folder exceeds a threshold youve set. DiskPie can also monitor the files on your drive. For instance, DiskPie can alert you whenever you have more than 100MB of MP3 files on your drive.
  • DiskPie is connection agnostic, so itll run on local and networked drives.
  • Each pie is completely customizable so you can change the background and even add in your favorite photo as a background. Plus, you can spin each pie to get a better view of stored filetypes and their relative sizes by clicking on the top of the pie and moving your mouse.
  • Easily available from right-click menus in Windows.

Read on for tutorials, and tips and tricks, on using DiskPie Pro to evaluate and manage your hard drive.

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