Cohesity, AWS Combine for New Data Management-as-a-Service

eWEEK NEWS ANALYSIS: First-of-its-kind DMaaS package charts new course in data management for mid-size and enterprise users.


Everything in IT, it seems, can be delivered as a service. And why not? We now have great networking pipes, the chips and server engines to move huge amounts of data from Point A to all points beyond, and we have the devices and cloud services that can handle and store all the traffic.

With this in mind, Cohesity Oct. 14 announced that it has formed a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring a next-gen Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) offering to the market.

The DMaaS package is designed to provide enterprise and mid-size customers with a radically simple  way to back up, secure, govern and analyze their data, all managed directly by Cohesity and hosted on  AWS.  

By the way, there are no access/egress fees from AWS in this; it’s all included in the Cohesity service. In this new deal, Cohesity provides consumption-based pricing, removes data infrastructure  silos and supports multiple use cases -- including data backup and archiving, disaster recovery, file and  object services, copy data management, and analytics.  

As part of the strategic collaboration, Cohesity and the AWS Partner Network (APN) are investing in  resources to design the DMaaS solution on AWS and to engage in joint go-to-market activities.  Additionally, Amazon has made an equity investment in Cohesity. 

Cohesity Helios: Foundation for Data Management as a Service  

The foundation for this new DMaaS package is Cohesity Helios, a proven SaaS-based data platform that  currently serves more than 1,500 customers. Today, Helios empowers customers to see, manage and  act on their data globally across environments which they manage. Moving forward, customers will also  have the option to use Helios to do the same for data that resides in a Cohesity-managed environment.  Through this offering, customers will be able to benefit from:  

A unique, comprehensive set of data management services: Within the DMaaS solution, customers will be able to subscribe to discreet data management offerings addressing a wide range of use cases -- all from one provider. Accessing each of these capabilities through Cohesity  -- versus selecting one provider for backup, another for disaster recovery, and yet others for file  and object services, copy data management, data security and governance -- reduces  infrastructure silos and addresses mass data fragmentation.

Advanced security and ransomware detection: Helios currently analyzes over 400,000 events  daily and uses machine learning (ML) to detect anomalies that could signal a ransomware attack in progress. DMaaS customers can use these capabilities to detect, respond, and rapidly recover  from such an attack.  

Data management made simple: Customers will have the ability to easily and seamlessly  manage their existing on-premises and cloud environments, as well as the policies for their data  in the new Cohesity-managed environment all through Cohesity Helios.  

A shift to predictability and simplicity: Consumption-based pricing provides cost predictability  and eliminates over-provisioning. The DMaaS solution also removes equipment procurement  headaches and reduces operating expenses and administrative overhead.  

Sophisticated cloud-based services that derive additional value from data: Once on AWS,  customers can also easily take advantage of cloud-based services provided by AWS. Customers  can use these services to help ensure compliance, enhance security, and extract additional  insights and business intelligence through ML and analytics. 

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