Compaq Rounds Out NAS Offerings

Compaq's storage division is making several additions to its NAS, backup, and switching product lines.

Compaq Computer Corp.s storage division is making several additions to its NAS, backup, and switching product lines.

New network-attached storage devices announced yesterday fill out Compaqs entry-level stable, according to officials at the Houston-based company. The new S1000, priced at about $5,000 for a 320 GB system and $6,000 for a 640 GB system, breaks the penny-per-megabyte barrier, they noted. Compaqs N2400 device, which started at configurations of at least four terabytes, was the companys previous low-end NAS device.

The new B3000 NAS device, meanwhile, scales to 27 TB, and can attach simultaneously to a SAN (storage area network). It is designed to fit into configurations that have no single point of failure or into a mini-SAN. Pricing starts at about $40,000 for 280 GB.

Compaq on Tuesday said it will include Network Specialists Inc.s Double-Take data replicatin and failover software with the B3000 product.

Compaq also announced that its high-end NAS Executor 7000 system will connect to other vendors SANs as of this summer. It announced that new performance testing results from eTesting Labs showed that the Executor 7000 nearly doubles the performance of Network Appliance Inc.s F880 systems, and modestly exceeds BlueArc Corp.s Si7500. eWeek parent Ziff-Davis Media Inc. owns eTesting Labs.

Along with a replacement for the N2400 coming later this year, "We now consider [NAS] a complete product line," Young said.

For data back up, Compaqs Rusty Smith, director and general manager of near-line storage, announced that the company will include its Tape Storage Management Console and Cluster Backup Solution for free when customers, through Compaq, the backup products of Computer Associates International Inc., CommVault Systems Inc., Dantz Development Corp., Legato Systems Inc., and Veritas Software Corp., he said. Compaq has also begun shipping a new switch from Crossroads Systems Inc., called the StorageWorks Network Storage Router M2402; a new high-end tape library, called the ESL9595SL; and a new DLT "superloader" device, the DLT1 1280. The switch is priced at $15,199, the tape library starts at $138,000 and the DLT device is about $5,000.

In other Compaq storage news, the company on Tuesday announced it recently began shipping Brocade Communications Systems Inc.s 12000 switch. Also, Mark Lewis, vice president and general manager of Compaqs Enterprise Storage Group, will become the vice president of marketing for the storage group of the merged Compaq/Hewlett-Packard Co., sources close to Compaq told eWeek.