Cybernetics miSAN D Delivers Easy iSCSI SAN Configuration

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Cybernetics miSAN D Delivers Easy iSCSI SAN Configuration

by Matt Sarrel

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Status Report

After logging in, the main screen of the management GUI shows virtual disk and network interface status, as well as overall read/write performance.

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Virtual Disk Creation

Creating a virtual disk couldn't be easier. Simply select a disk array, the amount of space to be used, which percentage of the virtual disk should be used for snapshots and whether the physical disks should be security wiped before provisioning. It's important to note that the amount of space used for data and for snapshots is taken out of the amount provisioned. Most comparable products provision data and snapshots separately.

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After creating a virtual disk, settings such as snapshots, failover, replication, authenticated users and IP constraints can be configured.

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Physical Drive Configuration

Configuration of physical drives and RAID settings is done via the 3ware 3DM2 interface, which is launched by clicking on the "physical devices" link within the main Cybernetics interface.

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Redundant Failover?

Two Cybernetics miSAN D systems configured for redundant failover. The external tape drive on top is direct-attached SCSI and can be managed easily from the miSAN D's browser-based management GUI.