Datawatch, Plasmon Team for Data Archiving

Datawatch has certified Plasmon's Ultra Density Optical archive appliance, providing enterprises with a large document archive system.

Datawatch announced Dec. 6 the certification of Plasmons ultra density optical archive appliance with its Datawatch business document server enterprise content management software.

The partnership will enable businesses to control both vendors platforms as an integrated product that will safeguard data investments while meeting the needs of regulatory compliance.

"This certification enables user to leverage the strengths of ECM and UDO technologies to address the critical business need for long-term data retention strategy," said Mike Koclanes, chief strategy officer and senior vice president of sales and marketing at Plasmon, based in the UK.

Datawatchs enterprise information management software developer, BDS, is a high volume archive system that has the ability to store text as well as images, data streams and formless content as well as file compression capabilities.

With Datawatch BDS, business users will also be able to access stored documents in a timely manner through the network or Web while also offering users business benefits such as optional e-mail notification and optional Web-enabled transformation of data-rich documents such as reports or PDF files.

To work with Datawatch BDS, Plasmons UDO archive appliance provides businesses with secure, compliant and long-term storage by putting several storage technologies in one archival storage appliance.

"This technology relationship with Plasmon enables the ability of the Datawatch content management product suite to significantly reduce the storage cost of our customers critical business information, ensures rapid document access and retrieval, and fulfills the regulatory need for technology, providing authenticity, access and longevity," said John Kitchen, senior vice president at Datawatch.


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