Dell and Tricord Power Up NAS Wares - Page 2

PowerVault 755n

Although not as easy to use as the Lunar Flare, the PowerVault 755N, running SAK 2.0, is more scalable—it topped out at 7 terabytes in tests vs. almost 2 terabytes maximum for the Lunar Flare. The PowerVault 755N combines powerful server hardware and redundancy with SAK 2.0, a stripped-down version of Windows 2000 Advance Server optimized for file serving that provides preconfigured network file-sharing services for FTP, HTTP, Mac OS, NetWare and Unix clients. The SAK server appliance has no client access license restrictions and provides remote administration via a Web-based console or Windows Terminal Service.

The unit we tested had dual 1GHz Pentium III processors, 1GB of synchronous dynamic RAM, two Ultra3 RAID controllers (embedded and PCI) and five internal hard drives. The system included a PowerVault 210S storage enclosure that held 12 9GB hard drives. It also had a Fibre Gigabit Ethernet PCI card and an embedded copper gigabit NIC. This system, with one enclosure holding 12 18GB drives, lists for $21,000. A 1.7-terabyte system that has two enclosures, with 12 73GB drives each, lists for $49,000. The PowerVault 755N does not have clustering capabilities yet, but Dell officials said clustering will be available later this fall.