Dot Hill Unveils Modular Enterprise Storage Platform

The Dot Hill 2730 system includes a 12-drive array and 4GB Fibre Channel interfaces and is designed to support storage products created by OEMs.

Storage developer Dot Hill has introduced the first product based on the companys Rapid Evolution architecture, and notes that more than a dozen OEMs and SIs have already adopted the platform.

Called the Dot Hill 2730, the system is a high-performance, modular enterprise storage platform that was designed to speed development and support of storage products created by OEMs.

The 2730 has a 12-drive array housed in a 2 rack-unit enclosure, providing 4GB Fibre Channel interfaces to internal SAS or SATA-II (Serial ATA) disk drives.

The system uses technology that instantly and simultaneously mirrors cache between RAID controllers. Dot Hill believes that this setup leads to significant performance improvements over traditional implementations.

In rolling out the product, Dot Hill is focusing on ways that the 2730 can be used by its OEM partners, rather than only touting the systems benefits.

Vendors that have already adopted Dot Hill 2730 include DVS, Hammer, Maximum Throughput, ONStor and Stratus Technologies.

"It was interesting trying to figure out how to promote the product while not stepping on toes with regard to how our partners are taking the product to market," said Cooper Cowart, director of OEM marketing alliances at Dot Hill.

"But we feel that this strategy allows us to focus our efforts on building products and architectures that OEMs and system integrators can use to add value wherever they see fit," he added.

Particularly attractive to partners is likely to be the ability to intermix SAS and SATA drives within the product, and even within a single chassis. Also, the 2730 boasts an environmentally-friendly, battery-free alternative for cache backup with EcoStor, a combination of super capacitors and compact flash technology.

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"The elimination of batteries may be a huge driver for a company that offers a lot of professional services," said Cowart.

"They can realize true savings if they understand where batteries are in their customer base, and have a tremendous advantage."

Another notable feature is AssuredSnap, added Cowart. The technology is geared toward improving data availability and business continuity through the use of concurrent snapshots that the system can revert to in the case of a data loss or corruption.

AssuredSnap can also be used for data mining, rapid application development, and setting resets for scripted backups.

"The snapshot functionality provides base data protection and disaster recovery services," Cowart said. "Thats a nice advantage in this marketplace."

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