Driving Data to the Web

If complex quantitative data is made graphic, we can absorb it effortlessly

If complex quantitative data is made graphic, we can absorb it effortlessly, and Corda Technologys PopChart 3.8 suite of development and hosting tools helps that process along.

PopChart 3.8 brings interactive charts and graphs to the Web, replete with pop-up legends and layers of drill-down data that help users rapidly absorb complex, changing data images.

The suite comprises PopChart Image Server, which delivers interactive graphs from Web server to browser; PopChart Live, a small Java applet that delivers graphics without the need for a server; and PopChart Builder, which enables the author to design the visual form in which these other tools deliver the data.

Corda has increased the speed and broadened the capability to deal with SSL and firewalls in this release of the suite. PopChart 3.8 runs on all operating systems and platforms.

New to PopChart Builder 3.8 are more capable type and text tools, as well as control of the color of drill-down labels. Written in Java, PopChart Builder runs on a variety of platforms (it worked on a Mac but not flawlessly), but it is best to use the Virtual Machine that Corda supplies.

PopChart Builders interface is simple and approachable. The dialog boxes, however, could be improved, offering only an "OK" where an "apply" would accelerate the editing process.

Information on Corda and PopChart 3.8 is available at www.corda.com.